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Pros To Renting

Buy Vs Rent

Did you know that over $13 trillion dollars is stashed away in home equity, spread over more than 75 million homeowners in the US? That is about $175,000 per homeowner – according to the Federal Reserve Board.

The evidence is undeniable when it comes to the claim that home-ownership is a critical building block of establishing wealth. Yet, there are still specific situations that may dictate renting as a better financial decision than buying. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the Pro’s and Con’s of both Buying and Renting.

What are the pros to renting?

Flexibility – Being able to move to a different city or state without having to sell your home first.

Low or No Maintenance Costs – Your landlord is typically responsibly for maintaining and repairing the property.

No Down Payment Needed – Other than the first month’s rent and security deposit, the costs to enter into a rental agreement are relatively low.

Less Risk – Because the rent is fixed and no maintenance costs you know what your monthly expenses will be, and will be able to budget for an unexpected life event.